Wedding DJ Services

Wedding DJ Services in Myrtle Beach, Grand Strand Area, North Carolina, Florence, & Charleston

Need a wedding DJ? Look no further! We always treat each client with the very best in personal service and we know how to make your event as entertaining as possible.  We have the skills to turn your dreams into reality, and the personality to entertain your guests in a style and manner that will exceed your expectations. We are capable of not only listing out several unique and creative ideas, but we can also help you to develop ideas that will fit your event perfectly. Let us help you in taking the first step towards creating memories that will last a lifetime.  If you are looking for the very best entertainment in DJ Services to represent you on your special day, then look no further.

Call today and let’s begin designing your Extraordinary Day!

DJ Equipment

Small Rooms: Bose Compact System. (Used for small events, ceremonies, and capability to use with microphone)

Medium Rooms: Bose L1 model 1 with medium sub woofer (Used for medium events, great base sound, and clear vocals)

Large Rooms: Bose L1 model 2 with large sub woofer (Used for large rooms up to 500 PP, booming base sound, clear vocals, etc)

Extra Large Rooms: Bose F1 flexible array speaker with F1 powered sub woofer (Used for Larger facilities and can be combined with other systems, powerful base sound, amazing vocals, etc)

Battery Powered Speaker: (Used for remote ceremonies like the Beach, Lawns, outdoors, etc)

Quiet Generator: ( Polaris brand used for remote ceremonies where microphone may be required)

Our Lighting Package

Package #1: (1) T-Bar stand with (4) color PAR lighting and (1) multicolored, multi directional feature

Package #2: (2) T-Bar stand with (8) color PAR lighting and (2) multicolored, multi directional features

Package #3: Truss stand with (8) color PAR lighting and (5) multicolored, multi directional features

Gobo Monogram Package
Gobo Monogram Package: Display your monogram on the middle of the dance floor or onto the wall during your event.
Uplighting Package
Uplighting Package: Uplighting is a great way to create a modern wedding reception. Uplighting will wow your guests by transforming your venue and adding ambiance. Clients consistently tell us that wedding lighting and event lighting has added more “pizazz” and garnered more compliments than any other decoration at their reception.

Each DJ Package includes a professional EMCEE to provide a seamless transition from announcing in order to ensure a structured event keeping you on schedule, as well as entertaining your guests to “keep the party going”.